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The mission of "Be The Change Global Wellness" is to bring mind/body and soul/spirit wellness to ALL BEINGS through various forms of healing practices. One way is through Education...


Collaborating with academic institutions, government agencies, advocacy groups and other non profit organizations to Provide BEINGS with well-rounded wellness and healing.


Using Integrative Mind-Body practices for children, teens, and adults: ● EMDR ● Esogetic Light Therapy ● Yoga ● Meditation and Mindfulness ● Past Life Regression ●

Optimum Care

Attuned, collaborative care...combining culture and healing...seeing where ONE is and giving tools to assist in where ONE wants/needs to be. Learn about us.


Interested in joining non-profit forces to Raise Consciousness? Through partnerships this can be achieved.

Global Sponsorship

Global wellness...raising conciousness. Upcoming Projects and available sponsorships can be found on the Sponsorships Page.

Mind & Body
        Heal the Mind ~ Shift the Body. Heal...

Soul & Spirit
Connect with our AUTHENTIC presence. Feel the alignment and resonance...

The more we understand how to respect and honor the earth,...

Take Action
Create the RIPPLE EFFECT and Be The Change in someone's Wellness today....

Grace & Gratitude
Did you receive a GRACE AND GRATITUDE Card?.... In Recognition of The Light...

This website and service is dedicated to all the spiritual leaders, truth seekers, and peaceful warriors - In Oneness 8.